Streetlight Management Concept:

Street lights are among a city’s most important assets; providing safe roads, safe public areas and enhanced security. However, the operating costs of these systems are expensive and can result in up to 30 percent of a city’s electricity expenditure.

ELTAM's EHID systems can drastically reduce the city's lighting expenditures in both energy savings (up to 50% savings) and maintenance (up to 30% savings).
The EHID -based-systems provide an answer to the following main features: control of each and every light point, the harvesting of intelligent reports and alerts and utilization of the automatic schedulers, as well as many others.

Case Study – WiganEngland

There are many important factors when you consider switching to an intelligent street lighting system, the most important of which may be the following:

1. Efficiency & Reduced Costs

A. Decreased energy costs
It is a fact that not every street or road requires full illumination at all times during operation. Also, not every light point can be dimmed to a fixed dimming level. Therefore, there needs to be a reasonable balance between a user's savings goals and the high priority of citizen safety.

The ONSiTE allows you to dim a specific light point to any desired level within any chosen scheduling. This may be done manually or by an automatic scheduler.

This brings the versatility and flexibility to your lighting system that you have always wanted.

B. Decreased maintenance costs
Intelligent monitoring of each lamp and ballast within your streetlight system allows for you to pre-empt technical failures well in advance. Preventive maintenance is a major asset when it comes to damage reduction and reducing costs. By knowing and being able to predict the failures, a user can develop a more cost effective maintenance procedure and reduce further damage to a lighting system.

This monitoring system is characterized by both Real-Time event log monitoring and database consolidation that support advanced features such as thresholds, recurring events, timers and summary notifications.

C. Systems' Management
Information can be a highly valuable asset if it is managed and controlled properly. A user can capture and accumulate data on lamps, ballasts and electricity networks. The next step is to apply this data to ambient temperature, moisture, visibility, light intensity, rain and traffic density. By doing so, a user can gain on lower energy consumption and provide new services to customers.

2. Citizens' Welfare

A. Environmentally friendly
The capabilities of the ONSiTE system allow for greater energy savings and a reduction of CO2 emissions from your streetlights

B. Improved Safety & Security
Any community would be more satisfied by a street lighting system which provides greater performance, efficiency and reliability. The better the lighting system the more it helps with road safety and security.

C. City Refurbishment
A user who implements such a lighting system no longer needs to rely on public complaints and visual inspections after sunset when monitoring streetlight function and safety. Data can be accumulated and monitored more efficiently through the ONSiTE system providing a more efficient and beneficial lighting system for the community.

For more information about optimizing your street lighting please learn more in the EHIDALI® webpage, EHIDMidNight™ webpage and the LonSiTE™ webpage.