The StreetCloud™ brings a true Cloud concept to modern streetlight applications.

The StreetCloud™ presents a complete end-to-end street light package offering - Electronic Ballasts/LED Driver; Last-Mile Communication protocols; Street Controllers and Management System.

The StreetCloud™ provides a complete solution to customers with maximum flexibility for use with any available technology.

The StreetCloud™ suits service providers, utilities and private holders who want to evolve their street lighting beyond the standard applications into more advanced intelligent streetlight controlling and monitoring solutions.

The Cloud Concept:
The StreetCloud™ is a concept based on the Cloud Computing vision. Eltam’s StreetCloud™ concept not only provides computation power and remote data management, but also brings a true cloud concept to the Last-Mile of streetlight applications.Any Last-Mile Communication protocols such as DALI, LON, MidNight and many others - are merged into the StreetCloud™ concept. This brings the desired Cloud effect in which the end-user actually does not need to know the location or other various details of the streetlight infrastructure.

Easy Start:
Customers may chose to start with the simpler EHID solutions (EHIDMidNight® or EHIDBiSmart™) or with the advanced point-to-multipoint digital protocols (LonWorks®, EHIDALI®, LonWorks®-nodes, RF-nodes), or even with a combination of various protocols - the StreetCloud™ is capable of accommodating all street light applications. The StreetCloud™ is designed to grow with the customers and to be scaled accordingly to meet their needs.

The StreetCloud™ is also highly capable of handling a high number of connections. Thus, whether a customer has a few hundred devices or a few hundred thousand devices, the StreetCloud™ is up to the task of providing a highly flexible and manageable solution for street lighting.

Is the main User Interface (UI) platform of the StreetCloud™, and is used as the front-end application. Customers are able to use the friendly GUI and customizable interface to adapt it to their needs and to their own working environment. This allows for unparalleled efficiency when it comes to managing a street lighting network, thus making the StreetCloud™a highly dynamic and sought after solution. 

Key Features >> Your Benefits:

1. An End-to-End Solution - The StreetCloud™ offers the whole streetlight value chain ranging from EHID ballasts, Last-Mile protocols, Street Controller, cellular communication and the latest in cutting edge internet technology in the form of the customizable and efficient ONSiTE™ management system.

2. Various Last Mile Solutions - This includes protocols such as the LON, DALI, RF, MidNight and BiSmart among others.

3. Flexibility and Versatility - One can utilize the Open System for any controller available in the market which is based on the ONSiTE-KEY™ concept.

4. ONSiTE™ Advanced Graphical and User interface - Easy to use and friendly User Interface, complete with a dashboard display, intuitive menu hierarchy, comprehensive diagram presentation and multilingual functionality among many other features. ONSiTE™ is based on HTML5 and CSS3.

5. Streetlight Unique and Progressive Mechanism - This allows for many powerful features such as data aggregation, an advanced scheduling system as well as highly advanced event log monitoring and database consolidation.

The user-side front-end platform of the StreetCloud™.
The ONSiTE™ web based Management System is designed to give full monitoring and control capabilities to its users. This innovative system answers the need to have one platform to control various protocols such as the LonWorks®, DALI, RF, MidNight and BiSmart among others.

The Street Controllers:
The controllers are used to mediate between the electricity cabinet and the control center. They are a gateway with an integrated web server as well as managing devices of the last mile lighting network - Ballasts, LED drivers or Nodes.

The EHID Ballasts:
The ballast is the most critical component in the lighting value-chain. The EHID ballast is a most reliable and durable electronic HID ballast. The Operating Platform of the EHID is supported by the very powerful computing capabilities of the EHID Microprocessor. The EHID Operating Platform is the fundamental Hardware & Firmware for operating HID lamps and for the various integrated communication modules.


Open System:

The ONSiTE-KEY™ concept allows for the ONSiTE™ to be an open and accommodating system.
This means that by implementing the ONSiTE-KEY™ communication module, any third party system or controller may easily connect to the ONSiTE™ system.

The KEY holds specific device related information which will allow for such a third party to make easy use of the ONSiTE™ Management System.
For the ONSiTE-KEY™ implementation data please do not hesitate to address your contact in ELTAM.

Conceptual Overview - STREETCLOUD.pdf

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