Metal Division:

Eltam's metal division is a Manufacturer of stamped metal parts and automatic assemblies of modules for the automotive industry.

In addition, the stamping operations which are performed by high speed presses and precise tools, supply Eltam’s ballast and transformer production needs.

A variety of presses from 30 to 315 Tons, provide a wide range of capacities and sizes serving the production for customers in the automotive industry.

We offer formed parts produced by progressive dies, with a thickness range of 0.3 mm up to 4 mm.
The products may be finished by anti-corrosion coating such as Zinc-Alloy plating or Organic Painting (“ E-Coating “ or “ KTL “ ).

Stamping Products:
Our specialization is in high speed progressive tools .
We offer advantages mainly in large volume.
Typical part : up to 0.5 Kg weight, Size 50-250 mm , Material Thickness 0.3- 3.5 mm 



Robotic MAG Welding will efficiently and accurately join parts





Specific assembly machines are built by efficient and fully controlled process.
• 100% functional test
• SPC data collection of Torque



Surface Treatment and Coating:

- Thermal treatments: Oil quenching and tempering, neutral hardening, Carburizing, carbon Nitrating and case hardening

- Paint: Cataphoretic painting (KTL)

- Electro - Plating: zinc, zinc- nickel zinc- iron, zinc-cobalt, zinc phosphate, manganese phosphate and more.

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