Ignition Amplifier

Remote ignition for EHID ballasts - up to 25 meters.

The Ignition Amplifier enables remote ignition from a great distance - up to 25 meters.
The Ignition Amplifier, which is installed in the luminaire, receives a signal from the ballast to ignite the lamp.
The ballast can be installed in the lamppost or in a remote gear box.
The intelligent pulse ignition regime of the EHID ballast is maintained and extended by the Ignition Amplifier.  


The lamp ignition by the EHID ballasts is performed by a Pulse Ignition method, which has both advantages and disadvantages. The main advantage is the gentle character of the ignition, which harms neither the lamp nor the ignition cables. The disadvantage is that it limits the distance between the lamp and the ballast (2.5 meters with the regular cables, up to 12 meters with low capacitance cables).
The Ignition Amplifier helps to overcome this drawback – and enables ignition from a great distance.

The Ignition Amplifier works in series with the EHID ballast and therefore the safety features and intelligent pulse regime - applicable to the ignition continues to function as usual.
The ballast’s ignition pulses are actually suppressed by the ignition amplifier and then regenerated at the amplifier’s output to the lamp.

Ignition Amplifier

Technical Info:

• Maximum distance from EHID ballast to I-Amp: 25 meters
• Input voltage: 250V Leads from ballast to IAmp: standard 250V cable (no need for special cables).
• Maximum distance from lamp to IAmp: 2.5 meters Output pulse peak voltage: 3.5 – 4.5kV
• Total losses: 2W

• Between a ballast and the Ignition Amplifier, regular wires are needed as opposed to high voltage ignition wires (V<250V).
• Between the Ignition Amplifier to the lamp, high voltage wires are required (5KV).


HID Ignitors

Wiring Information:

Two important cost related considerations are:

  1. There is no need for special high-voltage ignition wires. The voltage between ballast to the amplifier > than 250V.
  2. The precise ignition characteristics are maintained and the lamp ignites at its best capacity, and thus may enjoy a higher longevity.

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