CTT -Configuration Technician Tool.
A new configuration may be sent locally by using the CTT.
Byplugging the portable tool into the feeder pillar, a new scenario can be sent to all ballasts.


Portable controller:
The CTT is plugged into a socket which is located in the feeder pillar. By receiving a crafted command from the CTT software, the CTT manipulates the main contactors, which in turn causes the Midnight devices (ballasts/nodes) to be configured in accordance with the new dimming scenario.

This scenario is set out in the CTT Software.

An additional use of the CTT is to configure a desired scenario in the ballasts in the pre-assembly stage.

Key Features >> Your Benefits:

1. Local (Electricity Cabinet) configuration of new dimming scenarios.

2. The CTT-SW has an intuitive user interface that provides a short system learning curve.

3. Street Control - All connected ballasts will be reconfigured according to the same scenario.

4. The CTT-SW may save up to 100 different dimming scenarios.

5. Joint phases can be controlled as one. Up to 254 ballasts can be configured with one controller.

6. The CTT is very easy to handle and carry, and will become a part of a city technician’s toolkit.


MidNight Configuration with the CTT:

The CTT-SW sends a command to the CTT. The CTT then executes the command to the feeder pillar’s main contactor.

The main contactor ON/OFFs Mains Signaling Sequence (MSS) creates a signal that is carried out along the existing power lines and is not a digital communication. The MSS is then received and decrypted by the ballasts or nodes and thus the dimming scenario is reconfigured for all of the ballasts and nodes on the switched phase.

All Dimming scenarios which are created and sent by the CTT-SW have two main features:

  • A - Dimming Level (up to 10 levels in one scenario including off levels).
  • B - Dimming Timings (for each of the 10 levels).


Technical Info:

Hardware interfaces:

• RS-232 One DB9 male (standard EIA)
• Male Phoenix Contact plug – (IC 2.5 / 5 – ST- 5,08)
• Feeder Pillar installation – Female Phoenix Contact plug – (UMSTBVK 2.5 / 5 –ST- 5,08)





 General Information: 


Product Data Sheet - CTT.pdf

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