EHIDALI 100W Compact (IP20)

DALI Electronic ballasts (IP20) for 100W, MH and HPS lamps.

The EHIDALI® is a diverse type of ballast which can function in both indoor and outdoor applications.

The EHID series’ ballasts are most reliable and durable electronic HID ballasts. The technology applied to the EHID ballast makes it ideal for indoor as well as outdoor HID lighting. The EHID ballast functions as the Operating Platform for a wide range of communication protocols.

Main Features:

  • Operating the lamp at a Low Frequency Square Wave (81Hz).
  • The ballast operates: MH, HPS Lamps.
  • Precise PULSE ignition process.
  • Continuous dimming- according to lamp specifications
  • Efficiency: A2, low losses.
  • Complete digital control by a single microcontroller.

Electrical input data:

  • Nominal input voltage: 198-264V 50/60Hz.
  • Exceptional low inrush current.
  • Constant power consumption.
  • PF > 0.98.
  • THD-A < 6%.
  • Class B - Voltage dips & Interruptions (IEC61000 4-11)

Lamp operation and lamp prolong longevity:

  • Improved Lamp RUN-UP process (Ignition voltage- 4.5Kv pulses).
  • SPR < 1.5% according to IEC61167.
  • Lamp End Of Life protections.
  • Max line load cap. 250pF – 2.5 Meter (w/I-AMP ≤ 25Meters).
  • Stable lamp power output

Ballast Protection Factors:

  • Protection at end of lamp’s life (EOL): DC, cycling, Ignition failure and external arc.
  • Protection during abnormal mains conditions such as over / under voltage.
  • Protection in case of a lamp short circuit.
  • Fuse protection.
  • Temperature control:

A - Automatic power reduction (dimming) - when temperature reaches TcMax (see table).
B - Total shutdown - when temperature is higher than TcMax (see table).

Standards and compliances:

  • Energy Efficiency Index, A2 (acc. to regulation 245/2009 Annex V, sec. 3).
  • EN 61347-2-12 General & safety requirements.
  • EMC: EN61000-3-2, EN55015, EN61547.
  • IEC 62386 (DALI).
  • Quality standard – ISO 9001.
  • Environmental standard – ISO 14001.
  • VDE.
  • CE Marking.


Wiring Information:


The EHIDALI® can be used for both indoor and outdoor applications.
When the EHIDALI® is used in conjunction with a compatible DALI controller, node or concentrator – the integration allows for unlimited scalability and the implementation of highly reliable lighting control systems for any type of application.

Outdoor Applications:
Outdoor lighting applications have relied on HID lamps for many years. These include applications such as: flood lights, street lights, gas stations, parking lots, harbor lighting, parks and playfields all of which are examples of the intuitive HID lamps market.
DALI-based-systems bring this to an even higher standard, and answer the need to control each and every light point, the harvesting of intelligent reports and alerts and utilizing the automatic schedulers and many other valuable features.

The Solution - Whenever it is possible to apply two extra wires for the DALI communication – the system then enjoys all the great benefits of the DALI.

This includes advantages such as:

  • Reliable data transfer
  • Ease of integration and commissioning
  • High compatibility with other DALI components

All of these, are applicable without needing complex LON or RF nodes, which are often the popular solutions in outdoor and streetlight applications.

Indoor Applications:
HID lamps (especially MH lamps) are the most ideal for indoor applications. A combination of - Low Frequency Square Wave form, low SPR, low losses, steady output wattage – makes the EHIDALI® the perfect match for indoor applications.

The Solution - The EHIDALI® ballasts – bring all of these advantages to control. With EHIDALI® ballasts, DALI controllers and additional components such as photo sensors and occupancy sensors - customers will enjoy full control of the lighting level, reduced energy costs and a variety of maintenance advantages.


Data Sheet - EHID 100W Compact, IP20 Casing.pdf

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