The Midnight Controller (MiCO™) is an advanced multi-feature lighting controller which enables remote reconfiguration of up to 254 EHIDMidNight® ballasts or MidNight-nodes at a single request.


Street Controller: 
The MiCO™ is installed in the feeder pillar where it receives a unique encrypted text message (SMS).
This message then commands the MiCO™ to manipulate the main contactors which in turn cause the EHIDMidnight™ Ballasts or MidNight-nodes to be configured in accordance to the desired dimming scenario. The dimming scenario is set in the ONSiTE ™ management system.

The MiCO™ is a complete solution for streetlight applications and is capable of communicating through all traditional data services provided by GSM/GPRS networks.
The MiCO™ functions under the following conditions:

extended operating temperature, integrated TCP/IP stack, direct control by standard serial RS-232 interface and a broad supply voltage range between 5-36V DC.
The RS-232 interface is a data and control interface which transmits data, commands and provides multiplexed channels.


MidNight Controller

Key Features:

1. Remote configuration of new dimming scenarios on the connected ballasts/nodes.

2. Street Control - All MidNight devices connected will be reconfigured according to the same scenario.

3. Unified control of joint phases - up to 254 ballasts/nodes can be configured with one MMS sent once by the MiCO™, even if they are connected to different phases.

4. Reduced data costs - No special data SIM or expensive GPRS device with monthly fees is required. A regular pre-paid SIM is suitable, as all the information is relayed by a simple SMS command.

5. The programmable I/Os can be used for controlling various features such as: controlling or monitoring external signals, connecting sensors and switching on or off external devices such as photocell or a cabinet door alarm.



The ONSiTE ™ web-server sends a command in the form of an encrypted text message to the MiCO™. The MiCO™ then executes the command to the feeder pillar’s main contactor.

The main contactor ON/OFFs Mains Signaling Sequence (MSS) in turn creates a signal that is carried out along the existing power lines.
The MSS is then received and decrypted by the ballasts or nodes and thus the dimming scenario is reconfigured for all of the ballasts or nodes on the switched phase.

All Dimming scenarios which are created and sent by the ONSiTE™ have two main features:

  • A - Dimming Level (up to 10 levels in one scenario including off levels).
  • B - Dimming Timings (for each of the 10 levels).

Technical Info:

Cellular Technology: 

GSM network Two Band/ Tri Band/ Quad band
• Protocols: CSD, SMS, GPRS class 10, Mobile station class B

Hardware interfaces:
• RS-232 One DB9 male (standard EIA)
• Digital Inputs- 4 (switch)
• Digital Outputs – 3
• Display - 2 LEDs (red, yellow)




Product Data Sheet - MiCO For MidNight.pdf

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