The i.LON® is a versatile controller and gateway with an integrated web server that allows the management and control of hundreds of streetlight nodes or ballasts.

The i.LON® connects the ballasts or nodes to the ONSiTE™ Management System.


Street Controller:
The i.LON® is an intelligent, energy efficient managing device that connects control devices in streetlight applications. The i.LON® system allows you to access, control and monitor streetlight nodes and ballasts’ devices. It will then allow you to utilize the data effectively to save energy, improve your operations and lower your maintenance costs.

The i.LON® controller is easy to implement and to manage and capable of both local and remote control. This adds an unparalleled flexibility to your street lighting system.

The i.LON® can be used as a standalone server or it can be integrated within the ONSiTE™ Management System. With built-in drivers for industry-standard protocols like LonWorks® technology, Web services SOAP/XML, Modbus, M-Bus,and digital I/O, and custom driver support for everything else, the i.LON® offers unprecedented connectivity.

Key Features >> Your Benefits:

1. Provides an open platform for local monitoring and control as well as integration with the ONSiTE™ management system for energy saving in streetlights.

2. Executes Real-Time commands from the ONSiTE™ Management System.

3. Scheduled server-side operation from the ONSiTE™ - for routine operations and data collection.

4. Manages up to 250 devices as a standalone network manager.

5. Supports automatic device discovery, configuration, and commissioning.

6. Supports customization with support for custom apps such as energy optimization, data analysis, and room and lighting control apps.

7. Includes built-in Web-user and Web-services interfaces for scheduling, alarming, data logging, meter reading, and custom applications.

Technical Info:

IP local and wide area networking protocols and Internet standards,
    include: TCP, IPv4, IPv6, PPP, DNS, FTP, HTTP, HTTPS, SSL and more
IP application protocols: HTML, XML, SOAP, and DIME
Dynamic IP addresses supported using the dynamic DNS service from DynDNS
NAT is supported
ISO/IEC 14908-1 Control Network Protocol

Hardware Interfaces:
Ethernet Port - 10/100BaseT, auto-selecting, auto polarity
Ethernet Connector - RJ-45, 8 conductor
Serial Ports - 1 isolated RS-485 port; 1 EIA-232 port
Serial Connectors - Screw terminals
Console Port - EIA-232
Console Connector - DB-9
Digital Inputs - 2 optically isolated dry contact inputs, 30V AC/DC
Relay Outputs - 2 SPST relays rated at 240VAC @ 10A or 24VDC @ 10A



General Information:


Product Data Sheet -.LON LonWorks.pdf

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