The DALink™ is a state of the art Point-to-Multi Point (P2MP) lighting controller which has been specially designed for managing streetlights.

The DALink™ enables real time controlling and monitoring of the EHIDALI® or any other DALI device, and it is driven by ELTAM’s ONSiTE™ Lighting Management System.


Street Controller: 
The DALink™ is installed in the feeder pillar or in any remote connection box, and controls up to 128 ballasts. The DALink ™ functions as the mediator between the DALI device and the ONSiTE™ management system.

The DALink™ communicates with the ONSiTE™ management system through secure and encrypted GPRS/GSM technology.
The DALink™ is equipped with a multi channe analog/digital input data logger, as well as a GPRS/GSM modem. This provides an all in one device for data logging, remote data acquisition and alarm control within the framework of the ONSiTE™ streetlight management system.
Various alarm levels may also be set for any of the analog or digital inputs and then set to trigger alarm messages and emails.

I/Os (Input/Output):
DALink™ can be connected to either sensors or relays through its I/O or through its RS-232 port using MODBUS or any other required protocol.

Key Features >> Your Benefits:

1. DALI devices are online and can control commands from the ONSiTE ™ system.

2. Scheduled server-side operation for routine operations and data collection.

3. Data logging whereby data can be stored in the internal memory and/or be transmitted to the ONSiTE ™ server side.

4. Various triggers can be utilized for dimming scenarios such as an astronomical clock or other environmental sensors.

5. Enable extensive monitoring and feedbacks between the DALI devices and the ONSiTE ™ Management System.

6. Optional Battery backup.

7. I/O can be used for controlling or monitoring external signals and devices.

Technical Info:

GSM network - Quad-Band EGSM 850/900/1800/1900 MHz
Protocols - CSD, SMS, GPRS class 10, Mobile station class B

Hardware Interfaces:
RS-232 One DB9 male / EIA-485 (RS-485) multi-point specification
Digital Inputs-8 (5-24VDC)
Analog Inputs – 2
Digital Output - 2 (Relay 5A)

Memory Specification:
64MB flash memory; 128MB RAM (PL versions).



 General Information: 


Product Data Sheet - DALink for EHIDALI.pdf

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