Autonomous Dimming for Street light For – HID/FL/PL/PLL ballasts and LED Drivers.

The MidNightNOD™ is a controlling 1-10V device for - LED driver, FL ballast, HID ballast.

The node is based on the MidNight concept that has already made its impression on the market and has become a great success for HID ballasts.


The MidNightNOD™ is designed for Street Lighting application, and epitomizes a cutting-edge solution for Street Lighting with a short ROI.

The simplicity of the MidNight concept makes it a most innovative solution for energy saving and controlling street lighting application of all kinds.

The MidNightNOD™ uses an algorithm which is constantly calibrating and adjusting the reconfigured dimming timings.
The remote reconfiguration capabilities allow for interchangeable dimming scenarios (dimming levels and timing) whether preformed before leaving the production site, or at any given time after installation at the site.

Key Features >> Your Benefits:

1. Standalone Operation:
The dimming in the EHID ballast allows for independent operation but yet retains the capability to be part of a whole lighting system, which in turns allows for the dimming scenario to be interchangeable.

2. Remote Re-Configuration:
This unique characteristic allows for great flexibility after installation, with interchangeable dimming scenarios. Ballasts or Nodes may be pre-configured at the production line, and be re-configured at a later stage by the client.

3. Adaptive Night Behavior: 
The MidNight is equipped with an advanced Algorithm which recognizes the length of every night and calculates the concurrent dimming scenario. Because of this Algorithm process, the savings are optimized according to genuine timing.

4. Mains Signaling Sequence (MSS): 
One signaling sequence configures all ballasts. Enables a simple, powerful and reliable re-configuration capability.

Technical Info:

MidNight Mains Signaling Sequence (MSS) for re-programming abilities
1-10V controlling

Electrical data:
Supply: 220-240V ±10% 50-60Hz
MAX Load – 1.5A
Power consumption – Operation mode <3W
Power consumption – Standby mode <1.5W

Dimming interface:
1-10V interface from MidNight NOD™ to 1-10V device
Dimming curve according to 1-10V FL ballast/1-10V LED driver/1-10V HID ballast
Max current - 8mA sink and source

Complies with the relevant European directives (CE)
Assembly according to: EN60598
EMC Standards : EN61000-3-2, EN55015, EN61547
Safety: 61347-2-11
Flammability level: V2
Environmental: RoHs


General Information:

MidNight NOD



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