MidNight 50W-70W (IP20)

EHIDMidNight® Electronic ballasts (IP20) for 50W-70W, MH and HPS lamps.

The EHIDMidNight ® uses an algorithm which is constantly calibrating and adjusting the reconfigured dimming timings.
The remote reconfiguration capabilities allow for interchangeable dimming scenarios (dimming levels and timing) whether preformed before leaving the production site, or at any given time after installation at the site.

Main Features:

  • Low Frequency Square Wave (81Hz).

  • Precise PULSE ignition process.

  • Continuous dimming for HPS and MH lamps.
  • Very low losses (A2).
  • Digital control by a single microcontroller.


Electrical input data:

  • Voltage Range: 198-264V 50/60Hz.
  • Exceptional low inrush current.
  • Constant power consumption.
  • PF > 0.98.
  • THD-A < 6%.
  • Class B - Voltage dips & Interruptions (IEC61000 4-11).

Lamp operation and lamp prolong longevity:

  • Improved Lamp RUN-UP process (Ignition voltage- 4.5Kv pulses).
  • SPR < 1.5% according to IEC61167.
  • EOL protections in accordance with latest lamps’ technologies.
  • Max line load cap. 250pF – 2.5 Meter (w/ I-AMP ≤ 25Meters).
  • Stable lamp power output.

Ballast Protection Factors:

  • Protection at end of lamp’s life (EOL): DC, cycling, Ignition failure and external arc.
  • Protection during abnormal mains conditions such as over / under voltage.
  • Protection in case of a lamp short circuit.
  • Fuse protection.
  • Temperature control:
      - Power reduction (dimming) – when temperature reaches TcMax.
      - Total shutdown - when temperature is higher than TcMax.

Standards and compliances:

  • Energy Efficiency Index, A2 (Regulation 245/2009 Annex V, sec. 3).
  • EN 61347-2-12 General & safety requirements.
  • EMC: EN61000-3-2, EN55015, EN61547.
  • IEC 62386 (DALI).
  • Products and company complies with:
      - ISO 9001- Quality standard.
      - ISO 14001 - Environmental standard.
      - RoHS Directive.
      - VDE.
      - CE Marking.


Wiring Information:




The EHIDMidNight® is based on the MidNight concept that has already made its impression on the market and has become a great success for HID ballasts.

Stemming from an in-depth electronic ballast platform as well as advanced algorithm and reconfiguration capabilities, the EHIDMidNight® ballasts is a pioneering concept in the market of modern street lighting technology.


Energy Efficiency - The EHIDMidNight® brings an innovative concept to street lighting with the shortest ROI plan in mind.

The re-configuration ability, the interchangeable scenarios and the adaptive night behavior - bring about the bes t results for energy efficiency.


Market Positioning - The pioneering concept of The EHIDMidNight® stands out in the market perception map – as it is a ffordable and low-priced like other standalone systems, but still delivers quality features and controlling abilities like high-price systems.


Simplicity - The lack of need for installing complex systems makes the EHIDMidNight® a highly innovative solution for streetlight management.


Reconfiguration - This unique characteristic allows for great flexibility after installation, with interchangeable dimming scenarios. Ballasts or Nodes can pre-configured at the production line, and re-configured at a later stage by the client.


DualAction – The easy way to migrate from an autonomous EHIDMidNight® solution to the EHIDALI® fully controlled and monitored ballast.


Dimensions EHID 50W-70W

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