Parking Lot Lighting:

If you own or maintain a parking lot, proper lighting is essential. Without bright and effective lighting, parking lots become unsafe areas for patrons.

The need:

A well lit parking lot is an essential but often neglected feature for many businesses. Parking lots should be perceived as inviting and safe by visitors and employees and people should be made to feel that their safety is given priority.

But, a well lit parking lot might bring higher energy expenditures…
This does not mean that you will leave customers or employees out in the dark, yet you do not have to be heavily burdened by your energy expenditures for over lit areas or by light at inconvenient or irrelevant times of the day.

Energy Savings:
A DALI system will allow the best light in any weather and any condition - that will make the parking lot safe, inviting and yet with an optimized and energy efficient lighting system.
With the EHIDALI® you will be able to control each and every fixture in the parking lot. You can conduct a scheduling regimen according to the traffic, or even attract traffic to a specific area.
A most productive feature of the EHIDALI® is that it is easy to configure and re-configure your lighting system in any way that will benefit and control both the business outcomes and the energy expenditure.


For more information about optimizing your parking lot lighting please visit the EHIDALI® webpage.

EH-PR LED Floodlight

High quality and robust 55/110/165/220W LED Flood light
with varied optics for different applications.


Housing: Die cast aluminum housing with high
durability for extreme environment conditions.
IP rating: IP65
LED Array: Vossloh-Schwabe LED modules using Nichia chips.
The array is available with 4 different optics for
verious applications.
Color Temperature: 3000°K/4000°K/5000°K.
Driver: Vossloh-Schwabe driver -
PF>0.95, Efficiency>0.91, Service life time of 50,000Hrs.
Lumen Maintenance: L70 59,000Hrs.
Ambient Temperature: -30°C to + 45°C.


*Data is referred to 5000°K Model at ambient temperature of 25°C.
*The information may change without prior notification.