The ONSiTE™ web application is a revolutionary streetlight management system which is designed to give full monitoring and control capabilities to its users.
This innovative system answers a variety of needs, such as: the control of each and every light point, the harvesting of intelligent reports and alerts and utilizing the automatic schedulers among many other valuable features.
ONSiTE™ may control any lighting application – HPS/MH ballasts, LED Drivers as well as RF or LonWorks® based Nodes.


ELTAM’s ONSiTE™ is guaranteed to be the best instrument to dramatically reduce costs as well as improve the reliability and quality of streetlight facilities.

ONSiTE™ is the user-side front-end platform of the StreetCloud™ concept.
The ONSiTE™ system is a modular, full-featured street light management system. ONSiTE™ also complies with industry standards to deliver reliable, powerful and easy to use streetlight management solutions.

Efficient Network Management:
The ONSiTE™ management system utilizes the latest in computing and IT technologies in order to optimize the light intensity by dimming Electronic
ballasts, LED drivers and RF/LonWorks Nodes. All of the light points are communicable from the ONSiTE™ system, meaning that their condition can be assessed remotely and allow for users to plan maintenance procedures in advance.

Ease of Use and High Performances
ONSiTE™ provides an easy-to-use, secure interface. The system offers many features such as - data logging, reporting, scheduling and real-time controlling and monitoring abilities.
The system also comes equipped with a full-feature set which is customizable to fit individual customer needs. All of these features are available and affordable thanks to the use of HTML5 and CSS3 which allow the modernistic design techniques and an easier, more manageable code with great visual features of the ONSiTE™.

Key Features >> Your Benefits:

1. A Single-Open Platform.

2. Advanced User Interface.

3. Unique Graphic Visualization (HTML5 and CSS3).

4. Automatic Tools, Reports and Alerts.

5. Server Cluster - Three-Tier Architecture.

6. Highly Secured.

7. Cabinet Configuration.


System Elements:

User Interface:
ONSiTE™ - The true value of an intelligent management system depends on the tools provided for the user in order to monitor and manage the system. ONSiTE™ offers a wide range of reports and real-time monitoring for nearly every aspect of its system.

This includes: real-time indications, split window information, devices status, energy efficiency reports and alert pop-up windows. These features allow users to track those aspects of the system that are most important to their operation. Last but not least: the ONSiTE™ is designed to allow the most appropriate and intuitive User experience (UX).

Internet Cloud:
Servers Cluster - ONSiTE™ uses a server cluster, three-tier architecture system. This consists of three servers, each with three separate processes: Web server - where the web tier runs and provides a high tolerance, secured and robust back end. The ONSiTE™ web server can process a very large amount of requests simultaneously; Application Server – A multi-threading server which handles all data collecting, parsing and processing. This middle tier is responsible for the ONSiTE-KEY™ communication module; Database server – this is a database management system which stores all the required data.

Street Interface:
ONSiTE-KEY™ - The application server holds the ONSiTE-KEY™. By implementing the KEY, any third-party system or controller may easily be connected to the ONSiTE™ system. The KEY holds specific devices knowledge and provides a third party with an easy and fast implementation process.


1. A Single-Open Platform:

  • ONSiTE ™ supports multiple last mile communication protocols such as DALI, LON, MidNight, RF and many more.
  • With access to the ONSiTE-KEY™ on the application server, any third party controller may be integrated into the ONSiTE™ system.

2. User Interface:

  • Private label design is available on request according to your own logo, graphics, colors, look & feel.
  • Intuitive user interface provides a short system learning curve.
  • The system is designed for scalability and efficiency.
  • A quick view of the most important features and alerts in the form of a “Welcome Screen”.
  • Multilingual support.
  • An easy to use and modular Navigation Bar.
  • Flexible devices hierarchy, groupings and jurisdictions.


3. Graphic Visualization (HTML5 and CSS3)

  • A User Interactive, GIS-based mapping system which supports a 3D mapping engine.
  • Featured tables and advanced visual graphs which exploit the best of the system.
  • All system devices and data are accessible from the map display which affords ease of navigation.
  • Light points are displayed on the maps and they can be altered, replaced, or removed at any time.
  • Real-Time color alternation according to current status of light points on the Grid-View and on the Map-View.
  • Quick and easy map coordination settings of newly deployed controllers, ballasts LED drivers or RF/LonWorks® based Nodes.

4. Automatic Tools, Reports and Alerts

  • User definable and programmable alert escalations for lamps, ballasts - LED drivers and various controllers.
  • Accurate and reliable system scheduler.
  • User definable roles and privilege settings.
  • Real-Time alerts of abnormal predefined conditions and thresholds (this can be received through screen notification, personal email, pager or text message).
  • A detailed log of all events ever registered on the system in order to provide the user with an easy format of maintenance and management aspects.
  • Exporting tools of trend statistics and an event log for industry standard applications (xls, jpg).

5. Server Cluster - Three-Tier Architecture

  • “Thin” client concept.
  • Exceptional security and highly rapid execution.
  • Highly tolerant, secure and robust back-end system.
  • Facilitates a very scalable system.
  • One tier may be replaced or upgraded without affecting the other tiers.
  • A customer may decide that one of the servers will be located in a private location (mostly the database).

6. Security

  • Safely manageable devices with an IP traffic management, authentication and encryption mechanism.
  • Standardized security algorithms.
  • HTTPS secured protocol (SSL).
  • Strict web server access (IP strict).
  • Multiple user hierarchy and authorization (from operator up to administrator level).

7. Cabinet Configuration
(advanced features for administrator level)

  • Update or upgrade controllers firmware and ballasts firmware.
  • Easy device configuration and commissioning (controllers, nodes, ballasts or LED drivers).

ONSiTE™ Tutorial - Basic information

ONSiTE™ Tutorial - Installation

ONSiTE™ Tutorial - User Account

ONSiTE™ Tutorial - Reports

ONSiTE™ Tutorial - Alerts window

ONSiTE™ Tutorial - Dimming Scenario

ONSiTE™ Tutorial - Light Points Control

ONSiTE™ Tutorial - Group Control

User Manual - ONSiTE.pdf
Conceptual Overview - ONSiTE.pdf

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