Indoor LED Lighting Design- Part 2


When planning indoor lighting projects, energy saving is an important consideration to be examined:

LED lighting is an economical lighting solution, allowing savings of 50%-70% of electricity expenses in comparison to traditional light sources. This significant power saving is possible due to two main reasons:

First is the high efficacy of LED lighting (Lumen/Watt), the second derives from the natural LED feature, which distribute the light in 120° rather than 360° in other traditional lamps.

Additional power saving can be achieved by using a daylight sensor, which dims the light according to the natural light levels, and an occupancy sensor, which can dim or shut off the light when there is no activity.

The economic feasibility of using a dimmable and manageable system should always be considered for implementation of even higher efficiency level.

The third part of our tip, which refers to maintenance costs savings in indoor LED lighting design, will be published soon.