Mile Stones:

1967 - Establishment of the company (then, Electrical Accessories) following license agreement with Knobel.
1974 - License agreement with Helvar, and acquisition of production line for Fluorescent ballasts.
1975 - First export shipments to Australia, Europe and South Africa.
1977 - Initial contact with Schwabe and acquisition of production equipment.
1982 - Purchase of two assembly lines for Fluorescent ballasts from Schwabe.
1983 - Expansion of the stamping operation and first export shipment of stamped products.
1985 - Expansion of the Outdoor Ballasts operation.
1986 - Expansion and renovation of the company's facilities.
1990 - Development and first production of adaptors for compact lamps.
1995 - Signing of a comprehensive agreement with Vossloh-Schwabe Deutschland GMBH providing for technical cooperation and the acquisition of a modern line.
1996 - Operation of modern production line for manufacture of advanced magnetic ballasts.
1997 - Joint venture with Mivrag for production and marketing of automotive subassemblies.
1998 - Operation of Vossloh Schwabe - EH, a joint marketing company with Vossloh Schwabe.
1999 - Expansion of R & D operation in the electronic lighting systems field.
2001 - Operation of automatic production line for HID ballasts.
2001 – Announcing the beginning of development of an intelligent electronic ballast for HID lamps
2003 - Addition of new wing to production facility for "Project Delta". First parts are produced and supplied to the automotive industry.
2003 - Addition of new wing to metal division for extended production to the Automotive Market (JOHNSON CONTROLS).
2004 – Launching the first commercial EHID ballasts.
2005 - Opening of Sales Office in Moscow in order to supply ballasts to the Russian market.
2006– Launching the first EHID Digital-Controlled ballasts (DALI).
2006 - Participation in the INTERLIGHT Exhibition in Moscow. Garnering of a prize for innovative solutions in the field of energy efficient products.
2007- Releasing version 1.0 of the web based Management System – the ONSiTE™
2007- Launching the first versions of the Street Controllers – Cellular modules for DALI, MidNight and PLC communication protocols.
2008 - Presentation of the EHID Ballast Series at the Frankfurt LIGHT & BUILDING 2008 Exhibition.
2008 - Development of electronic dimmable adapter for poultry lighting, which enable the simulation of "dawn – dusk".
2010 - Presentation in Frankfurt LIGHT & BUILDING 2010 Exhibition.
2011 – Opening a subsidiary in Russia – ELTAM Russia
2012– Releasing version 4.0 of the web based management system – the ONSiTE™, at the Frankfurt Light and Building 2012 Exhibition.