The LonWorks® (by Echelon) is a powerful power-line communication technology for advanced street light systems.

The LonSiTE™ is a LonWorks® based node specially designed for streetlights and complies with the LonMark® standard.
With the LonSiTE™ and the EHIDALI® ballast, customers are now able to have full control and monitoring abilities of every light point in their streetlights and over the existing power-lines using Echelon’s technology.

Eltam’s LonSiTE ™ solution is based on the LonWorks® control technology and it complies with the International Standard known as ISO/IEC 14908.1.


LonWorks® is a technology specifically created to address the needs of control applications. The platform is built on technology created by the Echelon Corporation. It is used for the automation of various functions within streetlight and smart building. LonWorks® technology has been proven on power-line networks, even those with poor power-line communication quality. Unlike some proprietary protocols, it provides control and monitoring (bidirectional communication) to enable lamp command and feedback.

Is a global organization created to promote and advance the business of efficient and effective integration of open, multi-vendor control systems utilizing ISO/IEC 14908-1.
The LonMark ® - mission is to enable the easy integration of multi-vendor systems based on LonWorks® networks. LonMark ® International provides an open forum for member companies to work together on marketing and technical programs to promote the availability of open, interoperable control devices.

Scalability and Flexibility: 
LonWorks® technology offers a vision of the future. Because LonWorks® networks are scalable, solutions based on LonWorks® technology can easily evolve to support more devices and can monitor other types of devices from virtually any manufacturer, providing unmatched interoperability. LonWorks® technology offers high flexibility. Devices can be controlled and commanded. It’s easy to remotely configure and update them—any time, anywhere.

Key Features >> Your Benefits:


1. Power-line Communication Durability:
Bidirectional communication to the LonSiTE™ node over power-line using a robust and proven repeating mode to assure communication between the LonSiTE™ and the i.LON®controller fits in all places, regardless of the electrical network quality.

2. Low Communication Noise Mechanism: 
The EHID is equipped with a noiseless communication module, which does not harm the LonWorks® communication.

3. Extensive DALI Protocol (optional): 
Advanced control and monitoring commands which are compliant with part 102 of the DALI standard.

4. LonWorks®- DALI Compatibility: 
The EHID ballasts and the LonSiTE™ make a perfect pair as they offer full compatibility of protocols and features.



5. Full Control: 
The LonSiTE™ is able to receive switch and dimming commands from a the streetlight i.LON® controller over the power-lines.

6. Full Monitoring: 
Able to measure and send data such as lamp status, lamp level, accumulated energy use of the streetlight, voltage, current, and power factor - over the power-line network using the LonWorks® technology.

7. Internal Data Logger: 
A historical data log that covers up to several weeks.

8. Internal Astronomical Clock: 
Detects dusk and dawn from the GPS position of the i.LON®.

9. Internal Scheduler: 
Sends dimming commands at fixed times and at times relevant to dawn/dusk to one streetlight or a group of streetlights.

10. I/Os: Built-in and external inputs and outputs to receive signals from external traffic counters or weather stations that interact with the way lamps are switched or dimmed to provide a dynamic street lighting network.

11. Instant Alarm Notification: 
Sends text messages (SMS) or Emails of critical failures.

System Architecture:

Control Center:
ONSiTE™ is a streetlight web based Management System which serves as a virtual Control Center that is based on the Internet Cloud. It is the user-side front-end platform of the StreetCloud™ concept. The ONSiTE™ is fully compatible with the LonWorks® technology and provides a full featured and cutting-edge technology for the streetlight Management System.

Electricity Cabinet:
Street controller - The i.LON® - is the gateway between the LonSiTE™ and the ONSiTE™. i.LON® offers full LonWorks® networking technology as well as all the required streetlight services – astronomical clock, scheduler, data log, alarm, configuration, control, and remote command. The i.LON® embeds the robust power-line repeating signaling technology that’s successfully working for millions of points around globe.

Last Mile:
Eltam’s LonSiTE™ combined with of the successful EHID ballast is a most reliable package to run the lights and the control in your street light. The LonSiTE™ uses two protocols from its two ends – first, the DALI protocol to communicate with the EHID. Second, the LonWorks® technology to communicate with the i.LON® which is located in the feeder pillar.

Key Features >> Your Benefits:

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