Gas-Station Lighting:

All of us are consumers of gasoline, and quite frequently utilize the facilities in gas-stations on a daily basis!

The Need:

Lighting is a most important aspect in the functioning of a gas-station and the attached convenient stores and facilities. Researchers have found that the percentage of drivers turning into a gas-station and consequently the amount of gasoline that is sold is affected by the quality of light.
Better lighting encourages drivers to use a gas-station. Naturally, people are drawn to businesses that give a stronger sense of cleanliness, friendly service and an environment that feels safe and secure. Well lit gas-stations send a clear message to customers that they are welcome to the gas-station and welcome to conduct business.

Energy Savings:

Owners and operators of gas-stations are also highly aware of the fact that a well lit gas-station welcomes new customers and thus, use high wattage lamps and ballasts. A side effect - and indeed an expensive one - of this tendency are the increased energy expenditures.
Therefore, dimming and a well controlled lighting system - is the solution for many newly built and retrofitted gas-stations.

  1. Using EHIDALI® ballasts or the LonSiTE™ nodes in conjunction with occupancy sensors or daylight harvesting sensors have shown to lower the energy expenditure by more than 35%.
  2. Using a full controlled DALI/LonWorks® system may even lower the energy expenditure by more than 50%.

Maintenance Factors:

  1. High quality electronic ballasts - Eltam's EHIDALI® ballast or LonSiTE™ can bring an immediate reduction of maintenance expenditures. Due to the unique operating topology of the ballast, a lamp life could be prolonged and the lumen maintenance may be preserved for a much longer time.
  2. Controlling and Monitoring DALI/LonWorks® system - Intelligent monitoring of each lamp and ballast within the gas-station allows pre-empting of technical failures well in advance. Preventive maintenance is a major asset when it comes to damage reduction, especially in gas-stations whereby less light might means less gasoline sales.


For more information about optimizing your Gas-Station lighting please learn more in the EHIDALI® webpage or LonSiTE™ webpage.