Stemming from an in-depth electronic ballast platform as well as advanced algorithm and reconfiguration capabilities, the EHIDMidNight® ballasts and MidNight-nodes are a pioneering concept in the market of modern street lighting technology.

The EHIDMidNight ®ballasts are future proof, as they may be easily upgraded to fully controlled ballasts, with digital communication.


Energy Efficiency - The EHIDMidNight® brings an innovative concept to street lighting with the shortest ROI plan in mind.

The re-configuration ability, the interchangeable scenarios and the adaptive night behavior - bring about the bes t results for energy efficiency.

Market Positioning - The pioneering concept of The EHIDMidNight® stands out in the market perception map – as it is a ffordable and low-priced like other standalone systems, but still delivers quality features and controlling abilities like high-price systems.

Simplicity - The lack of need for installing complex systems makes the EHIDMidNight® a highly innovative solution for streetlight management.

Reconfiguration - This unique characteristic allows for great flexibility after installation, with interchangeable dimming scenarios. Ballasts or Nodes can pre-configured at the production line, and re-configured at a later stage by the client.

DualAction – The easy way to migrate from an autonomous EHIDMidNight® solution to the EHIDALI® fully controlled and monitored ballast.

System Architecture:

Control Center:
ONSiTE™ - The web based Management System is designed to send encrypted cellular commands to the MiCO™ and to enable new configuration. This system also displays the light points and other specified devices on a dynamic map.

Electrcity Cabinet:
Street control - The three ways to configure the MidNight devices are as follows:
A - MiCO™ – An advanced lighting controller which enables remote reconfiguration from the ONSiTE™ Management System – through the MiCO™ to numerous MidNight® devices all in a single request.
B - CTT – A tool that allows for a configuration to be sent locally by plugging the portable tool into the feeder pillar’s main contractor .
C - Manually - Physically manipulating the main contractor (only for demonstration use).

Last Mile:
The EHIDMidNight® - The EHIDMiNight® is a most reliable standalone HID ballast that offers flexibility through the ability to alter scenarios after installation. It is also equipped with Adaptive Night Behavior that brings the energy efficiency to its best.

Key Features >> Your Benefits:

Standalone Operation - The dimming in the EHID ballast allows for independent operation but yet retains the capability to be part of a whole lighting system, which in turns allows for the dimming scenario to be interchangeable.

Remote Re-Configuration - The remote reconfiguration capabilities allow for interchangeable dimming scenarios (dimming levels and timing) whether preformed before leaving the production site, or at any given time after installation at the site. At the site, dimming scenarios in the ballast are created or altered by a Mains Signaling Sequence (MSS). The MiCO™ or the CTT execute a command to the feeder pillar’s main contactor. The main contactor ON/OFF switching sequence creates a signal that is carried along the existing power lines (not a digital communication). The MSS is then received and decrypted by the ballasts and thus the dimming scenario is reconfigured for all of the ballasts and the nodes on the switched phase.

Adaptive Night Behavior - The MidNight is equipped with an advanced Algorithm which recognizes the length of every night and calculates the concurrent dimming scenario. Because of this Algorithm process, the savings are optimized according to genuine timing.

Scalability – Start from an autonomic ballasts and move to a complete controlled and monitored system without changing the units. The EHIDMidNight® gives the ability to grow according to the needs without investing again in hardware.

 Eltam presents: DualAction

 A NEW feature in the EHIDMidNight®


The DualAction is Eltam Ein-Hashofet’s newest intelligent feature for the EHIDMidNight® ballast.

The DualAction offers an easy way to migrate from an autonomous EHIDMidNight® solution to the fully controlled and monitored EHIDALI®.

In addition to the great functions of Eltam’s EHIDMidNight®, such as operating the lamp at low frequency square wave, precise pulse ignition process, continuous dimming and EOL protection, now comes the DualAction – changing the mode of operation. Using a simple dimming command over the DALI lines, the ballast switches from MidNight mode to DALI mode.


Key Features >> Your Benefits

Scalable solutions

Start with a stand-alone operation and move to a fully controlled and monitored system. The simplicity of the EHIDMidNight® dimming options allows independent operation for the street lights, which can later be upgraded into DALI digital communication for complete controlling and monitoring of each individual light point.

One stock

DALI or MidNight ballast – there is no need to choose in advance. Have on hand just one unit and define it according to the customer’s need.

Easy configuration of EHIDMidNight® dimming Scenario

Pre installation: Configuring the ballast at your warehouse is simple and easy. Broadcast the dimming scenario via DALI lines to all the ballasts at once. The dimming profile will be sent from a PC to the ballasts via DuaLink™, which is a mediator between the PC and the EHID unit, or via a standard DALI controller.

After installation (Reconfiguration)

Remote reconfiguration can be accomplished when ballast operates in MidNight mode. Sending the new dimming scenario is simple using the Configuration Technician Tool (CTT), or over the Internet, using ONSiTE™ (Eltam’s CMS) and a MiCO™ device.

For more information about the CTT, ONSiTE™ and MiCO™ please refer to our catalog.

Easy upgrade

Changing the operation mode of the unit from EHIDMidNight® to EHIDALI® is done by sending a dimming command over the DALI lines. From this point the unit will operate in full DALI communication mode.

Switching back from DALI mode to MidNight mode is done via an extended DALI command.

Controlling and Monitoring

MidNight mode: The ballast operation can be monitored via the DALI lines. Information such as mains voltage, operating hours, dimming level, ballast and lamp status, and ballast temperature is available for up-to 64 ballasts on a single DALI line (according to the DALI specification).

DALI mode: Full control according to the DALI specification (IEC-62386-203), and additional extended DALI commands.

Changeable Dimming Curve

EHIDALI®: When operating in DALI mode, it is possible to select the dimming curve that the ballast uses – a simple DALI command is used to select Logarithmic dimming or Linear dimming.

EHIDMidNight®: Set the dimming curve (Logarithmic or Linear) before installation using an extended DALI command.

System connection diagram Midnight mode:

System connection diagram DualAction Mode:

Complementary products:

Adaptive Night Behavior (& 10 dimming levels)

The EHIDMidNight ® uses an algorithm which is constantly calibrating and adjusting the reconfigured dimming timings.

The system uses the lighting start point (ON) and end point (OFF) in order to determine the Mid point (MID).The MID point is the anchor through which all calibrations are considered.

By examining the MID point throughout the year’s nights reveals that it is a fixed point and thus may be used as the anchor of the adaptive behavior.

No less important is the fact that the scenarios applied in the ballasts may hold up to 10 dimming levels, in different timings (including off levels).

Conceptual Overview - MIDNIGHT.pdf

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