ELTAM Ein Hashofet is a member of the E.H.I Group.
Our belief is that as a large-scaled and well-established group we can best provide the products and services our customers need by combining the strengths of our people together with technologies – and thus continue to meet the high requirements for each of the group companies' industries.

The E.H.I Group provides advanced and multi disciplinary technological solutions for design, production and assembly of parts and modules based on the various capabilities - that combine top-of-the-range technologies with deep sector expertise.

The companies in E.H.I group:

Mivrag Cold Forming Technologies Ltd:
Mivrag Cold Forming Technology is an international manufacturer of specialized automotive parts with experience in all phases of automotive product development and manufacturing.

Mivrag's ability to consistently deliver the highest level of quality coupled with competitive pricing, service and technology have helped Mivrag attain recognition for outstanding performance in the automotive industry.

We are proud of Mivrag's supplying cold-formed products and sub-assemblies to many of the leading OEMs, Tier 1 and Tier 2 companies in North American and Europe such as General Motors (GM), Johnson Controls Inc, Volkswagen (VW), Delphi and OPEL.


MAG is a world class supplier of integrative mechanical and electro-mechanical assemblies for the automotive industry.

MAG is an expert in all stages of project management including design, development, manufacture and supply and by working directly in collaboration with customers, the company brings sophisticated and responsive solutions to the automotive industry, ensuring that innovation is a shared vision.

MAG has secured a reputation for product excellence, offering the highest level of quality, performance and value to automotive customers.



ELTAM is a global leader in the design and manufacturing of Energy Efficient and Intelligent lighting technologies.

ELTAM Metal Division:
A manufacturer of stamped metal parts and automatic assembly of mechanical modules and subassemblies, with a variety of presses from 30 to 315 Tons, providing a wide range of capacities and sizes serving the production for customers in the automotive industry.
The Metal department offers formed parts produced by progressive presses, and in turn offers products to be finished by anti-corrosion coating.

ELTAM Russia:
A fully owned subsidiary of ELTAM, with logistic-center and warehouses; ELTAM Russia distributes and supports ELTAM's technologies in the CIS countries and is fully owned by ELTAM Ein Hashofet.