"A global leader in the design and manufacturing of energy efficient & intelligent lighting CleanTech technologies."



Company Profile:

ELTAM Ein Hashofet is a pioneering company (established in 1967), that illuminates the future of lighting technology with energy efficient, durable and high quality products and solutions for lighting applications.


ELTAM's portfolio consists of:

  • Web based Management System for controlling and monitoring lighting applications
  • Lighting controllers
  • Controllable electronic ballasts with various digital communication protocols
  • Ballasts for Fluorescent lamps
  • Ballasts for HID lamps
  • Ignitors
  • Control-gears

With around 200 employees, highly trained engineers and a highly advanced R&D department; situated in a 6000 square meter premises; equipped with fully and semi-automated production lines, wave soldering machines and stamping presses up to 400 tons. ELTAM has established itself as a designer and manufacturer of high-quality, global lighting products and a provider of service and support that exceeds customer expectations.

Tens of Millions of ELTAM's units, currently in use by a variety of customers worldwide, are evidence of ELTAM’s success story.

+Energy Efficiency Systems:
ELTAM is an innovative leader in offering end-to-end CleanTech solutions for intelligent and efficient street lighting systems.
The StreetCloud™ concept provides computation power as well as remote data management and brings a true Cloud concept to even the Last-Mile of streetlight applications. With capabilities such as these, ELTAM is taking its place as a significant player in the Smart-Grid concept and the Smart-City vision.

+In-House R&D and Engineering:
Years of Research and Development have brought ELTAM’s engineers to the front-ends of fields such as advanced Electro-Magnetics and Electronic ballasts, LED technologies, lighting controllers, web based applications and much more in cutting edge lighting technology.
The engineering teams are striving continuously to improve and refine ELTAM’s products into the most sophisticated and best-performing lighting-products available and they offer the best pre/post sale support.

+QA & Leading Standards:
Quality Assurance has always been the watchword of our designing and manufacturing processes.
ELTAM’s ISO 9001:2008 quality control systems include 100% functional testing for each of ELTAM's products.

ELTAM also complies with the ISO 14001:2004 (Environmental Standard) and the OHSAS 18001(Health and Safety Standard). In addition, all of ELTAM’s standard products are RoHS-compliant. ELTAM also complies with the ISO TS 16949, which is the standard for the design, development and manufacturing of automotive-related products.
ELTAM complies with many more international standards and is also approved by the VDE (German Association) Safety and Performance strict examinations process.

All of ELTAM’s products are assembled by a highly automated process, including state of the art inspection and Quality Control equipment that has been developed by ELTAM's engineers.

+Customer Service:
Customer Service is a central part of ELTAM’s policy which contributes to the continuing success of the company.
In today’s fast paced culture, ELTAM focuses on providing the most intuitive and positive customer experience whereby all customer touch-points are systematically evaluated and improved. Whether it is the product purchase, customer education or troubleshooting experience we want to leave smiles on our customers’ faces’ and show them how much they mean to us.
ELTAM maintains leading industry standards and warranties, an extensive technical support knowledge base and educational training sessions.